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Depend on the NYSW Railway for Your Distribution and Industrial Development

At Diamond Chip Realty, LLC, we’ve partnered with the NYSW Railway system to give excellent transloading and rail transportation across the NY Metro region and up to 400 miles surrounding Sparta, NJ. You'll be well-connected from New York State’s vital central region—where we parallel I-81—throughout Northeast Pennsylvania to Northern New Jersey—gateway to the world’s greatest markets.


You can count on us as the NYSW Railway caters to your special service needs. These services comprise extra switching, weighing of rail cars, and storage of cars during off-peak periods. What's more? We are flexible to give tailor-made services for your progress.


Trust NYSW for its competencies of a big railroad, combined with the personal service of a small company.

Do you want to know how the NYSW Railway will help improve your business? Discuss your ideas with us today!

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The NYSW is 100% approved

for 286,000 lbs. gross weight for freight cars, North America’s highest standard.



If you're looking for incredible distribution options, choose Diamond Chip Realty, LLC for the combination of frequent local service and proximity to

key highways.

Prime sites for distribution


Linking rail and road competently

To manage shipments electronically, we have e-business capabilities.

It includes bill of lading submission, release of cars, car location, and car fleet management tools.


The NYSW gives efficient rail service to both “Greenfield” and “Brownfield” sites. We parallel the I-81 between Syracuse and Binghamton, and in Utica. We are adjacent to the New York State Thruway, the I-90.


The NYSW Railway will place you in the heart of the New York or the New Jersey market, the largest market in the world.


An important feature of the NYSW Railway is that we have considerably lower rail build-in costs. Rail turnout and siding construction costs are generally about 50% lower on our freight-only, non-signaled main line versus the region’s other sites on freight or passenger rail lines.

Serving the Sparta, NJ region since 1881